Damavand Mountain is the tallest mountain in the Iran, and the tallest volcano in Middle East. It's located in the province, but since it is too high, it's visible from Varamin, Qom and Tehran, as well as the Caspian Sea coast.

Around Mount Damavand  mountain for ski

Mt.  Lasem

 Lasemi village about 25 kilometers away from Camp 1 Rineh Vjay good fun with ski

The elevation is 4,000 m mountain Lasem


Damavand Peak, about 20 miles away lining the Vkmp 1 Glzrd this place a good place for skiing is suitable for skiing altitude higher than 3800 meters

Mt.Peak Pashvrh

Pashvrh Peak Camp 1, located opposite the town Rineh 15 kilometers and an altitude of 3200 meters is the peak for skiing

Ab Ali Ski  2022 Resort

Ab Ali Ski Resort is the first resort in Iran several years ago Vasky skiers ready to accept guests in this region., This resort is very small, but built with modern turned. This track is not only in winter but in summer instead of accepting guests weather has been good for hiking and climbing is fun

ains for skiing


Schitour skitour ski mountaineering Besteigung Damavand Skibergsteigen guenstiges Motel guenstige Unterkunft guenstiges Hotel Unterbringung Gaestehaus Neue Huette auf 4200m



















Mount Damavand is the highest mountain in north of Iran. This mountain is the highest silent volcano in the Middle East too. It located in the south of Caspian sea in Larijan region. Its peak is 5671 meters above of sea level. Damavand has hot springs like Larijan, ask and Wane

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