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Skiing in Iran
Iran is quite a different country in the region when it comes to the possibilities of skiing in The Middle East! There are lots of huge mountains with high peaks and appropriate slopes for different types of skiing.

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  • Airport transfers

  • Portage

  • Lodging

  • Insurance

  • Private driver & Guide

Optional Services:

  • Ski teacher

  • Meals

  • Guide

  • Ski equipments

  • City excursion


ski damavand 4800m

photo by masoud  may 2016

lasmi mountain 4050 April  2015





lasmi mountain 4050 m 2015

Ski tour is about 7 to 8 days.

Day1: from airport to camp one (Rineh), 2000 m height

Day2: from camp one for adapting to the weather, 3000 m height

Day3: from camp for adapting to the weather, 4000 m height

Day4: climbing to the height of 4200 m.

Day5: climbing to the summit of Damavand and return to the camp 3

Day6: from camp 3 to camp 1

Day7: visiting the ancient relics of the town.

Day8: return to Tehran and airport

ski damavand photo by masoud 2015

  Mt. damavand   2400 m


damavand   iran 2015



In the past few years we did not see the usual avalanche
Because he has a lot of snow and glaciers is horny

lasmi ski  2015 Austia. Group

lasmi mountain 2015

4050 m


CAMP3- New Hut- Baragah sevom  

 camp 3 4200m.  may 2013

Summer hikers can takea tent camp.
Summer season is busy for climbing.
The months of April and May is the best season for skiing.
The months of April and May than they used to be Barga
most climbers there use panHgah o f hot food 

photo by masoud2014

Appropriate conditions and good weather in April and May can be 8km ski.
The longest is the place to ski.
In recent years this place is going to do a lot of skiing

Camp2 3000m



Camp2 photo by masoud

CAMP 2 (3000M)    April  2013

Month (April and May) so that the car can go



camp 1 2000m    photo by masoud

 You can guide and interpreter to meet her at the airport

 Transportation from the airport to Camp 1 and stay through the night camp

Camp 1 full meal (breakfast - lunch - dinnr

Store to purchase equipment needed at Camp1

Transportation by car from Camp 1 to Camp 2

Reyneh sity

Camp 1 photo by masoud


Cargo months (April and May) by porter

Transportation equipment, up to Camp 3 by porter

Camp 1 photo by masoud

Reyneh sity

Camp 1 photo by mohammad reza

Swimming pool larejan





Swimming pool larejan 2008

Rineh one of Mazandaran p

rovince, Iran. Larijan the

city is located in there and city of Amol


Rineh is the closest town to Mount Damavand



Skiing around MountDamavandMountDamavand to

lasemi -3800m           pashurh  4000m              Glzard3500m  

Mountainnorth ofTehran

shmshg 3000m         Dizin 3500m            peak Resort4200m


Schitour  skitour  ski mountaineering  Besteigung Damavand  Skibergsteigen guenstiges  Motel guenstige Unterkunft guenstiges  Hotel Unterbringung  Gaestehaus Neue Huette auf 4200m

Damawand  Demavand  Local guide  Bergführer

Trekking Hiking   Mountain guide

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Mount Damavand is the highest mountain in north of Iran. This mountain is the highest silent volcano in the Middle East too. It located in the south of Caspian sea in Larijan region. Its peak is 5671 meters above of sea level. Damavand has hot springs like Larijan, ask and Wane

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