permit damavand

dmavand permit

damavand mountain & city iran   2023                                        

The permissions of mountain climbing in iran as



Permission for foreign hikers in Iran

Ski - Walking - Hiking - Iranian mountains    2023 

Damavand - sabalan –Alamkoh

Mountaineering Federation of the cost to be paid. And in return get a bill

damavand mountain is 50$

alam koh mountain is 30$

sabalan mountain is 30$

permit for damavand

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damavand permit

permit for Alam koh


The amount Hiking Federation stationed at Camp 1 receive in return pays the bills.

Ifthelicense feealreadypaid forthe toursupervisorwill receive've reachedCamp 1


Damawand  Damavand  Local guide  Bergführe

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Mount Damavand is the highest mountain in north of Iran. This mountain is the highest silent volcano in the Middle East too. It located in the south of Caspian sea in Larijan region. Its peak is 5671 meters above of sea level. Damavand has hot springs like Larijan, ask and Wane

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