Natural phenomena

Natural phenomena

Mount Damavand has an abundance of natural phenomena. These natural phenomena are immense and unparalleled. For example, Mount Damavand has several permanent glacier. This glaciers, the phenomena are rare in Iran. Mount Damavand also has several holes from which gas and steam as the volcano erupts. Other natural phenomena in Damavand, hot springs and mineral springs. Another nice feature of the Mount Damavand, the beautiful clouds on top of it

Spectacular picturesVpdydh Damavand,Iran,2014

Damavand is Iran's biggest mountains.

damavand by masoud


Damavand is the first high mountain near Tehran and the highest mountain of Iran that is far from Tehran for 80km approximately





summit damavand 2012    photo by masoud


Damavand icefall  photo by masoud



This cave is located near Damavand Mount and 5km to camp 1 (Rineh) that most of climbers and tourists visit this desirable and spectacular place

photo by masoud 2012


 Larijan Mineral Hot Water Spring

This zone is located near camp 1 (Rineh) and mineral water of this spring is originated from Damavand Mount and water of this spring has a temperature of 80 ºc, and most of Iranian and foreign tourists use this mineral water as required.

This mineral water has therapeutic virtues such as backache and leg pains etc


Caspian Sea

Caspian Sea is 100km far from Rineh (camp 1) that we crosses through Haraz Road and Amol city and visit the first city near Caspian Sea (Mahmoudabad) that is a beautiful and spectacular place. Mahmoudabad is located on the height of 27m.

In this city, the hotels and local houses are used for accommodation.

In this city, we can visit the bazaar of fish and products of north of Iran

caspian sea



Larijan places near Camp 1 Rineh


photo  by masoud 2013

shiraz Photo by masoud 2012

Damavand iran mountain-  sammit Damavand-   ice fall 

Water spering  in camp 1 -caspinsea  Northern Iran 

shiraz Isfahan-Persepolis-Museum sin Tehran

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Mount Damavand is the highest mountain in north of Iran. This mountain is the highest silent volcano in the Middle East too. It located in the south of Caspian sea in Larijan region. Its peak is 5671 meters above of sea level. Damavand has hot springs like Larijan, ask and Wane

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