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Shiraz city of poets,History and Culture

The city of Shiraz, Iran is more than 4000 years old.Shiraz lies in Fars Province, a central area for Persian civilisation. The massive ruins of the Persian Empire's grand palace Persepolis, about 2500 years old.  More

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    This year, give yourself the gift of travel romance with an epic journey through Iran (persia). Our different adventure explores fascinating Silk Road history and modern-day life in Tehran,Isfahan,Shiraz, a region Irangazette knows deeply.We would be delighted to talk with you about what makes this trip so special.
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    An outstanding mix of spectacular scenery, magnificent mosques and ancient cities Iran is quite simply, extraordinary. Visitors are welcomed with open arms, even celebrated, by friendly people who redefine the word 'hospitality'. The architecture is amazing-breathtaking mosques, stepped hillside villages, cleverly-designed wind towers (Badgirs) and impressive monuments like the Zoroastrian towers of silence. The country's history is astonishingly rich having been embraced and dominated by countless civilizations

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    People who seek perfection (Hafez)

    Shiraz, Fars province, one of the Iranian metropolis and one of the most important tourist cities of Iran. This town of about 1,500 meters height above sea level and at the foothills of the Zagros Mountains said. Shiraz to Tehran distance of about 919 km.
    Legend has it that Thmvrs child Shiraz (from kings Pishdadian) founded the city and the city's name is derived from the name. The other version, called the land "in secret" that called for short Shiraz. Whereas, according to research "notable" means the center of Shiraz grape is good and finally, according to the book "Svralaqalym", from the presence of animals in very plain Shiraz, where "Shyrsaz" called. Moreover, in the past, Shiraz Shydraz to read a long slope. Because the surface of the plain with steep and long. Even now, in the lower areas of Shiraz, object or tilt the market, say market.
    The city in terms of tourism and tourism potential of the country's cities as well as the nature or cultural, archaeological sites and places of pilgrimage of the most unique and Anobanini which can take the following name: cheery gardens, garden logo, orangery consistency, Afif Abad Garden, the most beautiful garden view, Hafeziyeh, the tomb of Saadi (Sadia), Arg Karim Khan, the eve of the holy Prophet Shahcheragh, after the Qur'an, Vakil Bazaar, Tomb Sibawayh threshold Aladdin Hussain Sayed, bathroom attorney, Tomb khajavi Kermani tomb seven shellfish, monument forty shellfish, Pars Museum, the Old Mosque, pavilion and ...
    Shiraz, the ancient city, during the passage of time to a variety of known titles, including Daralmlk, Darallm, King Solomon can be named. But perhaps the most famous and oldest Shiraz title as King Solomon, and because the city has many old buildings, including buildings, gardens, the market entrance Moshir, orangery consistency and pictures of Solomon's role is usually sitting on a bed and in the middle of the house shows. A number of ministers and a number of demons on his command in standing around them and a number of wild and domestic animals in and around the Solomon drawn between the flowers and trees



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Vararo , sesang, golzard,kaun and mianrood are its Adjacent peaks.
tine river located in the north 0f Damavand similarly Haraz in the south and east and Delichai in the west of it.


During of pahlavi reign damavands image was in the middle of insignia of Iran.
 In the 8 century AD , there was a fortress at the foot of mount Damavand ,a Zoroastrian priest named Masmoghan lived in it . Almahdi (abbasi caliph) destroyed this fortress and kill him.


It  is a legendary mountain. Ancient Persian believed that Fereydon (a mythological figure) Incarcerate Zahhak (a cruel king in Persian mythology) in a cave in Damavand until the end of Era that Zahhak will open his chains and will kill people then Garshasb (a mythological figure) will kill him forever. Many people in this area still believe zahhak is prisoner in this mountain and They think that some sound that can be heard from it, is his whines. Stories says bowman Arash threw up above Damavand to determine the boundary between Iran and Turan.


Mount Damavand is the highest mountain in north of Iran. This mountain is the highest silent volcano in the Middle East too. It located in the south of Caspian sea in Larijan region. Its peak is 5671 meters above of sea level. Damavand has hot springs like Larijan, ask and Wane

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