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Damavand Mountains are the largest mountain range in Iran are located in Asia.

The beauty of this mountain range is unbeatable.




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how are you?
I masoud  tourism guide (Kvhnvrdy- Asky- Ayrangrdy- city tours - caving and ...)
I'm 50 years old and I'm a 28 year history of mountaineering is Mybashd.valan 2014
I am 12 years Tvrlydry do .mslt the English language and the most tourists have no problem with the conversation.
Climbing all the mountains of Iran (Dmavnd5671- hg Thran4000- Lasem 3950- 4850- Sblan4811- Resort and ......)
Service with modern cars and good drivers with a history of ethics Vkhvsh
I can use all the features of good maintenance of good memories you have in Iran.
So that you can enjoy spectacular Iran Bbrydv home with good memories of Iran Brkrdyd
Or to customize our service from airport to airport passengers
Car-Help -Mtrjm-food -Htl-and ....
Please contact me thank M. Valle climbing tour guide Vayrangrdy Iran


سلام دوست وهمنورد عزیز

حال شما چطور است؟

 من مسعود بایه راهنمای تورهای(  کوهنوردی- اسکی- ایرانگردی– شهر گردی – غار نوردی و.........)

من 50سال سن دارم سابقه کوهنوردی من 28سال میباشد.والان که سال 2014میباشد

 من 12سال کار تورلیدری انجام میدهم .مسلط به زبان انگلیسی هستم واز نظر مکامله با توریستها مشکلی ندارم.

کوهنوردی به تمام کوههای ایران(دماوند5671- علم کوه 4850- سبلان4811- توچال تهران4000- لاسم 3950- و..............)

سرویس با ماشینهای مدرن وخوب وبا رانندههای با سابقه وخوش اخلاق

من می توانم با تمام امکانات وسرویس دهی خوب خاطره خوبی برای شما در ایران داشته باشم.

تا شما بتوانید از دیدنی های ایران لذت ببریدو با خاطره خوب از ایران به وطن برکردید

سرویس دهی ما از فرودگاه  به فرودگاه  ویا به دلخواه مسافر

ماشین-راهنما –مترجم-غذا- -هتل-و....

لطفا با من تماس بگیرید    متشکرم    مسعود بایه راهنمای تور کوهنوردی وایرانگردی ایران

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damavand camp1 2000 m


iran mountain gouide

Mount Damavand has a special place in Persian literature. Persian poets have written many poems about Damavand mountain. Ferdousi ( a well known persian poet) in his book (shahname) has many poems about damavand.Other poets like naser khosro, fakhtodin asadegorgani and khaghani written many poems about damavands magnitude.  Bahar (a contemporary poet) written two beautiful poems about damavandwhich are very popular

Damavand mountain located near the southern coast of the Caspian Sea.
Mount Damavand, Amol city and town in the  is larijan Reinhe  .
Damavand elevation of 5671 meters. Whose distance from Tehran to Damavand Kyvmtr is 85 Reineh located at an altitude 2000Mtr
It is a good possibility.
(Hotel-local home- Climbing Camp)

Reineh city with over a century of mountaineering history is a tourist town
In spring and summer home located in the foot of Mount Damavand Iranian guests
Damavand Peak and the surrounding mountains for skiing and mountaineering foreign to them

شهر رینه با بیش از یک قرن سابقه کوهنوردی یک شهر توریستی می باشد.ای شهر پای قله دماوند قراردارد .در بهار وتابستان میزبان مهمانان ایرانی وخارجی برای اسکی وکوهنوردی به قله دماوند وکوههای اطراف ان میباشد.


 Motel camp 1  2000 M

2000 M





damavand camp 2 3200 m

Damavand second shelter is located at 3000 meters above sea level
In the spring of the second bunker as usual for the rest not used
Water and other resources is difficult. And this season, Pena Hkah not clean
But in summer it is a haven for both right place
On foot. In this season camping facilities such as (electricity-water-service bathroom)
You can load the second shelter to shelter third of the freight
Here Knyd.barbry shelter use by mule do Mgyrd .kh cost is very reasonable

پناهگاه دوم دماوند در ارتفاع 3000متر از سطح دریا قرار گرفته است
در فصل بهار از پناهگاه دوم دماوند برای استراحت استفاده نمی شود چون
مشگل اب و امکانات دیگر می باشد. ودر این فصل پنا هکاه تمیز نیست.
اما در فصل تابستان هم از پناهگاه استفاده میشود وهم جای مناسب برای
بر پایی چادر زدن می باشد.در این فصل امکاناتی از قبیل (برق-اب-سرویس دستشویی)
شما می توانید برای حمل بار از پناهگاه دوم به پناهگاه سوم از باربری این
پناهگاه استفاده کنید.باربری اینجا توسط قاطر انجام مگیرد .که هزینه هم خیلی مناسب میباشد

Carry backpack with mule  2023

 Camp 2 for accommodation

 Camp 2 for accommodation



Masoud mountain & city guide in iran 2023


damavand camp 3 4200m

Damavand third shelter at an altitude of 4,200 meters above sea level that is
2 Sanctuary is a haven old and a new shelter
New haven with good facilities such as (electricity-water-private rooms and 4 and 6 seater dining-hall ...)
Passengers are provided. It must be reserved in advanceBecause the spring is too busy Vtabstan
The height Jahhay for putting up tents right.


پناهگاه سوم دماوند در ارتفاع 4200متر از سطح دریا بنا شده که

دارای 2 پناهگاه می باشد یک پناهگاه قدیمی و یک پناهگاه جدید

پناهگاه جدید با امکانات خوب و مناسب از قبیل(برق-اب-اتاق خصوصی 4و6 نفره-سالن غذا خوری و.......)

در اختیار مسافران قرار دارد. البته با ید از قبل رزو شود. چون در فصل  بهار وتابستان خیلی شلوغ می باشد

در این ارتفاع جاههای زیادی برای بر پا کردن چادر درست کردن

camp 3 ( 4200 m )



Vararo , sesang, golzard,kaun and mianrood are its Adjacent peaks.
tine river located in the north 0f Damavand similarly Haraz in the south and east and Delichai in the west of it.


During of pahlavi reign damavands image was in the middle of insignia of Iran.
 In the 8 century AD , there was a fortress at the foot of mount Damavand ,a Zoroastrian priest named Masmoghan lived in it . Almahdi (abbasi caliph) destroyed this fortress and kill him.


It  is a legendary mountain. Ancient Persian believed that Fereydon (a mythological figure) Incarcerate Zahhak (a cruel king in Persian mythology) in a cave in Damavand until the end of Era that Zahhak will open his chains and will kill people then Garshasb (a mythological figure) will kill him forever. Many people in this area still believe zahhak is prisoner in this mountain and They think that some sound that can be heard from it, is his whines. Stories says bowman Arash threw up above Damavand to determine the boundary between Iran and Turan.

Aerial photographs taken by NASA of Mount Damavand

Aerial photographs taken by NASA of Mount Damavand

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  • Damavand

    Mount Damavand is the highest mountain in north of Iran. This mountain is the highest silent volcano in the Middle East too. It located in the south of Caspian sea in Larijan region. Its peak is 5671 meters above of sea level. Damavand has hot springs like Larijan, ask and Wane. Damavand has a good climate.
    Air pressure in Damavand is  Half the air pressure at sea level.


    Storm speed of 150 kilometers per hour in usual time passes. Wind speed reaches the foothills, sometimes to seventy miles per hour. Most of the West and northwest winds blow. Wind speeds sometimes exceeding 150 kilometers per hour. Wind speed sometimes reaches to  70 km in the foothills of mountain. Most of winds blow from west and northwest
    Damavand, is the highest peak in Iran.


    Minimum temperatures in the highlands of Damavand is 60  degree below of zero ( in the winter) and 1-2 degree below of zero (in the summer)
    Damavand has a lot of rainfall.


    Average rainfall in the highlands of Damavand is 1400 mm per year and Snow usually falls.
    Barometric pressure
    Air pressure in Damavand is  Half the air pressure at sea level.

  • Climbing

    There are many routes to climbing the Damavand mountain.
    There are many routes to climbing the Damavand mountain.

    West route

    simorgh (the name of a mythological bird) haven is located in this route..
    There are many routes to climbing the Damavand mountain.

    Northern Route

    This route passes between two Glaciers: siole (right side) and dobicell (left side) and is the most difficult route.
    There are many routes to climbing the Damavand mountain.

    South route

    from southeast of mountain plour, rine, gosfandsara and bargahesevom haven are licated in this route . this route is easier route to climbing.
  • Volcano

    Mount Damavand, the highest peak of volcanism in the Middle East.
    Damavand, is the highest volcano in the Middle East.

    Damavand volcano

    . Damavand is a silent mountain but it is possible reactive again. The volcano has a diameter about 400 meters that an ice lake have covered it.
    Damavand, is the highest volcano in the Middle East.

    Middle East volcano

    Damavand is a volcanic mountain that created in Quaternary geologist called holosin and it is a young mountain.
    Damavand, is the highest volcano in the Middle East.

    The tallest volcano

    Damavand volcano in the Middle East is taller and more elegant.


Mount Damavand is the highest mountain in north of Iran. This mountain is the highest silent volcano in the Middle East too. It located in the south of Caspian sea in Larijan region. Its peak is 5671 meters above of sea level. Damavand has hot springs like Larijan, ask and Wane

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